5 Types of People You Need to Avoid in Life

You’re going to meet all types of people throughout your life. Some you’ll collect as acquaintances, others will earn the title of friends, many you’ll refer to as co-workers and then there’s family.

Regardless of how many people you meet, sometimes the quality of the company you keep will affect the quality of your life. If you surround yourself with people who are good and positive influences, they will encourage and inspire you to be the same. If you surround yourself with negative or bad people, they will drag you down or slow your progress.

There are 5 types of people who you should always avoid. These people add no value to your life, and in many cases, they cause mental and physical damage, as well as hold you back and even get you into trouble at times. If you see them, avoid them, if they’re already in your life, consider cutting them out or moving forward without them…

1. Negative People

These people will affect your mindset. When you are around people who are constantly negative, if only about their own lives, it still has a great impact to your daily mentality. They can be frustrating and their negativity can rub off on you. Their negativity is a symbol of their own mental and physical limitations, not yours. Stay away from them whenever possible.

2. Leaches

These are ungrateful people who take, take, take, and never give back. Now it’s ok to support a friend or family member when they need it, but leaches are people who ungratefully take advantage of you and suck all of your resources dry. They don’t earn their keep, pull their weight or do their fair share. Like a parasite, they live off of your resources. Cut them off as soon as possible.

3. Criticizers

Its always good to take and consider the advice of others wiser and more experienced than you. Other times it’s good to listen to the advice of your peers who may have a larger, outside perspective into your life. However, when you have a person in your life who is constantly putting you down, and intentionally trying to hold you back, you need to remove them from your life.

This person is not your friend and at times their criticism stems from their own shortcomings and insecurities. Successful people tend to be too busy with their own lives to even pay attention to someone else’s. Friends pick you up. They give you constructive advice. Criticizers only point out your flaws until it heeds your progress and potential.

4. Failure to Launch’ers & Party Animals

These are people who just never seem to get their act together. Immaturity radiates from their personality, they cannot support themselves and they often spend most of their time being unproductive. They lack ambition, organization and accomplishment and have little direction in life. They’ll sooner find ways to help you waste your time and be lazy then they will add any value to your life.

These people will stay out late hanging out, drinking, out with their friends, get home late, and then don’t get up until Sunday afternoon. Every once in a while its ok to cut lose, play hard and take a break, but the people who make these scenarios a lifestyle are the ones you won’t be most productive if you continue to hang around.

5. Gossip Girl Fakes

These are the people who pretend to be your friend, but at the end of the day, they cause more drama for you than you can handle in a year. They are nice to your face, but they’ll trash talk you behind your back and to your own friends. At times they’ll only come around when they need something from you that benefits them.

These people take a big interest in your personal business and find joy in your struggles, even though they pretend to be supportive. They twist your words and cause drama between you and other people that you weren’t even around to cause. Friends should be people you can trust and confide in and count on in your time of need. Don’t get caught up in tangled webs with these people. They cause more stress than they are worth.

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