Steps of International Shipping in Detail

Transportation of good between nations is done for several reasons. The development of e-commerce and businesses around the world has led to international couriers and parcelling. Here are some of the steps you should consider before sending your first shipment

There are several players involved in international shipping. If your shipping needs involve a cargo then you should find a suitable shipping container. However, if your cargo isn’t so urgent, then you can pay more for air freight.

Shipping line is the company which will carry your cargo at sea. You never get in contact with them or see their documents. The shipper is the shipment party and the consignee is the receiver of the cargo. Freight forwarder is the logistic provider you are going to deal with.

Documentation steps involved in international shipping

When you ship to overseas via ship, there are some documents involved in the procedure. There are 5 physical steps and 2 document steps which need to take place. If you want to ignore all the cost surprises and undue delay you need to have a clear arrangement and agreement at all the stages.

The steps include: haulage, origin handling, custom clearance, freight calculation, import customs, destination handling as well as import haulage.

Export haulage

This is the first stage and the goods are moved from the shipper to the forwarder. The goods are majorly moved on road via a truck or rail or both. It is more or less arranged by a transportation company.

Export customs clearance

If your shipment is going international, then you have to fulfil the custom formalities too. Custom clearance requires certain documents which needs to be submitted to the authorities. The custom clearance procedure should be done before the cargo leaves the nation of origin.

Origin handling

It includes all the handling and inspection procedure of the cargo from receiving the at warehouse to loading it on the ship container. There are a few steps involved in origin handling. Every step is coordinated and performed. It is the freight forwarder who perform the ultimate origin handling.

Ocean freight

The freight forwarder makes the decision on the shipping line to perform the ocean costs from the primary location to the destination it is going to meet the required timeline for the courier. The cost of the freight is marked on the shipper or the consignee. Ocean charges aren’t the complete shipment cost from the port to port, there are other costs involved like currency adjustment rate, bunker rate etc.

Apart from these the ship to overseas via ship, which is the term in Thai] also include import custom clearance which starts when the cargo reaches its destination nation, destination handling which is done before the cargo is released to the consignee.

It also includes import haulage when the actual delivery of the cargo is done to the consignee. It can be done by the freight forwarder or transportation company. Soon, the cargo reaches its destination is unfolded for further purpose.

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