Your Sheffield Sciatica Issues Helped With Acupuncture And Therapy

Problems with sciatica can be an acute condition that just comes on suddenly or it can be something that is a chronic issue. In either situation, a Sheffield physiotherapist is often able to help. Physiotherapists offer alternatives that are both natural and non invasive for approaching issues like these.

Sciatic pain can occur for many different reasons. In some cases, it is a lumbar disc problem that is causing it. Other times, it is a muscle that is applying pressure to the sciatic nerve. The pain can be felt only in the area causing the problem or it can radiate down the whole leg. It is sometimes felt on just one side, other times on both.

As the pain can be coming from a variety of places, a physiotherapist will first conduct a thorough assessment of your specific situation. Once this is done, an individualized approach to your sciatica can be designed. This will typically include a few different kinds of modalities.

One kind of modality which is frequently used is acupuncture. This therapy has been found to help with both relieving pain and in accelerating the healing process. It is an excellent therapy to be used in conjunction with others, and is effective for problems with discs, muscles and much more.

Exercises for rehabilitation will also usually be prescribed. Exercises such as these do more than help with recovery from the current issue. They are also able to help prevent future problems from occurring.

A Sheffield physiotherapist can help with your sciatica problems whether they result from a sports injury, a work related accident or the etiology is unknown. The types of therapies used are often able to help even when other modalities have not been able to. It’s certainly worth investigating before resorting to surgery which may end up not being necessary.

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