“Role Playing” your Way to Success

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Wear the clothes of the job you want to have?” In the literal sense, it means that you should dress to impress, or another famous quote, “Dress for Success.”  Its an easy concept.  Wear a suit to work and you will be seen as professional. Wear casual clothes and you will be seen as a cubicle worker.  When you get less than 30seconds to make a first impression, putting your best foot forward can make the difference, and even prevent negative opinions to be created before the interview has even begun.  People who dress to impress are often more in line for promotions, more likely to be hired on an interview, and more likely to be respected by their customers.

The phrase has a deep metaphorical meaning as well. Wear the clothes of the job you want to have, meaning adopt the mannerisms of the person you want to be. Wear the clothes on the outside, i.e. adopt the behaviors on the outside, and you will become that person on the inside. Act as if you already have the job or have become that person, and you will be that person. Acting a certain way can help attain the things you want in every area of your life:

Your Mood

To improve your mood, smile more. The mere act of smiling makes us happy. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile and you will be surprised at how happy you look. Hug yourself when you’re feeling down.

Your Job

If you want to be more effective at your job, study the habits of successful people in your company and adopt those habits, even if they are counter to your comfort zone. Study their body language and their vocabulary and adopt it as your own.  If you want to be promoted, display the characteristics and work ethics of the job you are aiming for.  Volunteer, communicate well and be involved, go the extra mile… It will help employers recognize and notice your capabilities and assets in the workplace.  If you want to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, you need to step up to the place and become one on your road to success.   Show up early.  Put in the extra hours.  Delegate.  Be a leader.  Assume all the qualities of a successful person and you are on your road to becoming one.

Your Love Life

Couples that are in love talk about intimate subjects, so if you want to be more deeply in love you’ll need to expand your conversation more than “how was your day?” Opening up to another person can be intimidating, so get the other person to share by asking thoughtful questions like what is their biggest regret in life or what would be on their bucket list.  In this case we could say, be the significant other you’d like them to be.  Lead by example. Do kind things for the ones you love and you will be treated with kindness in return.

Your Family

No one pushes buttons of discord like family. To have a happy family life, hug your family. Hugging brings you physically closer and is an act of love. As a retired Disney princess said, “When you are hugging a child, always be the last one to let go slot88. You never know, how long they need it.” Be the one to give hugs in your family. Give them freely and hold on longer than you think you should. You will find you feel more love and closeness for them, and you’ll fight less.

Your Friends

To create meaningful and lasting friendships, find opportunities to be a good friend. Don’t wait for a friend to ask for help. Offer your friendship before it is asked. Help paint their house, move their stuff, watch their kids. If you want friends that will be there for you, you have to be there for them.  At times, helping out a friend in need is its own reward.

Your Own Life

Ghandi said it best when he said “Be the change you want to be in the world.”  You want a better world, you want to improve your life, you want people to be kinder to each other and to make a difference in this world, then lead by example.  Start by doing.  Let your actions pave the way for change, success and greatness.

By acting in these ways you will find that very quickly you will become the person you are assuming. The actions will no longer feel foreign to you, they will become natural and comfortable, and part of your every day disposition.

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