5 Reasons to Take the High Road in an Internet Feud

With the mass amount of people on social media, may take to one or numerous online methods to express their feelings, anger, frustration, disgust, betrayal or disapproval against friends or enemies. While you always have the right to be heard, sometimes letting out helps you to feel better, sometimes publicly displaying your negative feelings across various social media channels may actually do more harm than good in your life.

In order to live a positive life, it’s best to always take the high road, regardless of how you may feel, or at least really think carefully before starting a public feud on the internet for all of your friends, family and coworkers to see. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should take the high road:

1. You never know who is watching or listening

Employers, friends, family search the internet constantly, and sometimes to learn more about you. When you are posting negative or unflattering comments about someone else online, and engaging into an internet feud, it is most definitely frowned upon, especially in the work place. New employers don’t want to see that type of behavior ever. Even if profiles are set to private, if anyone is allowed to see what you’ve written, it can and will get back to others and cause more problems than it is worth further down the road.

2. No one wants to hear it

Friends and family generally do not want to get involved in arguments or fights that break out between social channels. Somethings are better handled quietly and off line, between the other person like adults. By posting things online, you are only causing drama and forcing your friends to choose sides, which may not be fair to them. Not only is it immature, the internet isn’t a place to air your dirty laundry.

Even if you post “passive aggressively” many will still figure out who you are talking about and word will get back. Your friends don’t want to get into the middle of the situation, and when push comes to shove, you may actually be forcing them to choose the other side if the do not agree with your behavior. You are also promoting conversations to take place behind your back. Whoever you are attacking may begin to contact your friends directly to save face and start an entirely new level of problems.

3. Because even if you win, you both lose

There is no point in publicly shaming, insulting or attacking another person. The behavior in general is just not becoming of a mature, happy, and successful adult. If you really want to show everyone that you “are better than this” then don’t tell anyone at all. You only make yourself look bad by making a scene on the internet and end up losing the respect of your friends.

4. Because it could be illegal

Depending on what is said, or how severe your comments and argument is, what you are publishing on the internet could be considered slander (if spoken) or libel (if written), especially if it is untrue, meant to maliciously harm or does harm someone’s reputation, job or business.

Defamation of character is a serious offense, so think twice before you run to your blog and post an angry entry about the person you are fighting with. Even posting embarrassing or incriminating photos, if even only temporarily can still cause you extreme legal trouble. Once it hits the web and someone sees it, you are at risk. You can get sued for damages.

5. Because it won’t actually make you feel better or solve the problem

We get it. She stabbed you in the back, he cheated on you, she ratted you out to your boss, and they disrespected you – how great would it be to get even. Make that person feel as bad as you do… Post an embarrassing photo or let the world know what a terrible person they are and how they hurt you.

But in reality, if you are truly a good person, you are simply not going to get any joy out of publicly and intentionally hurting others. You may not even get the support or response from your friends that you were hoping for. People that make others feel bad to make themselves feel good are called bullies, and these are not people who lead happy, positive lives.

Best thing to do is to let it go and block that person out of your life. Unfriend, unfollow, set your posts to private, and block out all of the negative energy and feelings that person brings to your life by simply shutting them out and moving on.

Let that be the best form of punishment for them, to know that they no longer have your respect, or deserve to be a part of your life. Let them realize for themselves that you are above this, you are a stronger person, your life will be just fine without them and you do not need a person like that in your life. Only then will you find happiness.

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